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How long does an order take to ship from your warehouse: Usually 1-3 business days.

How long will it take for me to receive my order? That depends on how far you are from our warehouse. For smaller orders we normally ship UPS ground. Orders ship from our warehouse in Union MO. East coast normally 3 days, west coast is around 4 days. If you are in the center of the country, normally 1-2 days. If we are shipping your order Freight, the shipping times are similar to UPS ground. We will email you with the UPS tracking number so you can track your package.

What does condition mean? Different product has different condition categories depending on what store the product comes from.

Here are the different condition categories:
  • New: Product will be in new condition and most of the time it will either come in poly bags or its original box. Sometimes the boxes can have some wear from handling.
  • Overstock: Has never been on the sales floor and will be in good condition. Will not have clearance stickers.
  • "A" quality or Shelf Pulls: Product has been on the selling floor. Most product is in good condition, a percentage may show slight signs of handling, small stains, stretches or scuffs. May have a clearance sticker on the tags or yellow/red tape to indicate a flaw or small stain.
  • "B" quality or Returns: Some items can have defects, scuffs, damage or missing items.

Shoe Categories:
  • New-Boxed: These shoes will come brand new in their original boxes. These items will be in perfect condition.
  • New un-boxed paired: These shoes will not have their original boxes, but will be paired with the correct shoe. These items will be in new condition. Small percentage of items can show slight wear on the bottom of shoe from being tried on once.
  • Shelf Pull, Boxed: These shoes will come in their original boxes. These items have been on the selling floor. Some items can show signs of wear, scuffs, defects, clearance stickers, etc.
  • Shelf Pull, un-boxed, paired: These shoes will not have their original boxes, but will be paired with the correct shoe, usually rubber banded together. Some items can show signs of wear, scuffs, defect, clearance stickers, etc.
How do I place an order? You can place your order online 24/7 or call us at 314-833-8000 during business hours and someone can process your order for you.
If you are using a Credit Card or PayPal, the order MUST ship to the Credit Card or PayPal's registered address. If you need a order shipped somewhere other than a registered address, you must pay with a Bank Wire Transfer. Contact one of our sales associates to get the wire information.

Will I receive all the items that are posted in the sample pictures? We try and keep the pictures updated from the current product coming in, so our customers get a good representation of the type of products they will receive. You may or may not get some or any of the items posted in the sample pictures. Our loads are changing constantly and usually every lot is different. Example: If we have a swimwear lot listed, we try and show our customers that the lots have 1pc., 2pc, swim separates, etc. in the lot. So we will post pictures from the loads with those type of items. It is impossible to post pictures of all the 1000's of items we are receiving. If you have a question about any of our lots you can always contact one of our sales representatives. Email: sales@durvy.com

Do you stock all of your products? YES! All of our products are stocked in our warehouse. We are not a broker, we purchase all of our product directly from the major department stores and have the pallets shipped to our warehouse. This helps us control quality and cuts down on shipping times to our customers.

If I don't like an order can I return it? We do not accept returns. We are a liquidation company and all sales are final. If you have a problem with an order please contact one of our sales representatives at (314)833-8000.

Can I sell name brand clothing in my store? Yes, The major department stores that liquidate their product know that this product will be resold in other stores. What you don't want to do is advertise a stores name. Example: Take out a newspaper ad and advertise that you sell Nordstrom product. Nordstrom could have a problem with you using their copy written name.

Can I have a pallet that is being shipped via freight, shipped to my home address or my business that does not have a dock or forklift? Yes, you will need to let us know that it is being shipped to a residential address or an address that needs lift gate service.

Can I order larger quantities of product than what is listed on the website? Yes, if you need a larger order please contact one of our sales staff and they will be happy to help you with any order you have.

Manifested Lots:

Durvy is contracted by major retailers to liquidate and sell their products.

Manifested lots are shipped to Durvy directly from the retailer by Semi Trucks and require a license, dock bay and forklift to accept shipments.

Durvy only repackages the items so they can be shipped via UPS rather than a Semi-Truck. Durvy does not add or subtract from the manifested lots and uses the information from the Retailer to describe the Lot(s).

Manifest and photo links are provided by retailer. Durvy only acts as a distributor of the products.

The conditions of the Inventory Products are described in the Listing to the best of The Retailer’s ability. The Retailer attempts to be as accurate as possible. However, the Retailer does not warrant that Listings are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. The quantities of actual Inventory Products in each lot may vary up to 5 percent (5%) less or greater than the number set forth in the Listing and may include up to 5 percent (5%) more damaged items than designated as “Damaged” in the Listing.

Given the nature of the liquidation business, variances of 5% of a total purchase are a normal and ordinary part of the business and such discrepancies are neither reconciled nor adjusted. It is also industry standard that All Product is Sold As-Is - All Sales are Final, and there are No Cancellations, Returns or Credits.

For any questions about product or ordering please contact our sales staff.

Email: sales@durvy.com Phone: 314-833-8000